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I first became acquainted with Science as a career by being a contestant in the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad during my High-School years. I was a three times medalist in the National Contest (1997-1999), and in 1998 I got a perfect exam (by that time, only 6 people had done it). I represented my country in the XIII Iberoamerican Mathematics Olympiad in which I was awarded a Silver Medal. Next year I participated in the 40th International Mathematics Olympiad as part of the Mexican Team.

After that, I became a trainer of new contestants in the Mathematics Olympiad, and began to get involved in the Informatics Olympiad as evaluator of the National Contest.

I later on joined the University of Guanajuato ACM's International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) team which brought me the joy of representing my country again in the ICPC World Finals in Beverly Hills in 2003.

That team later invited me to join the group of trainers of the Guanajuato State Informatics Olympiad (OIEG), and I was the president during the first year in the history of Mexican Olympiads in which one state won 4 out of 4 Gold Medals.

As a by-product of the years of training, two good friends (Marte Ramírez and Edgar "Limo" Hernández) and I just finished writing a book on programming in the simulated language Karel. We are even mentioned in the Wikipedia page of Karel ;).

About Me

Edgar Edgar A. Duéñez Guzmán is a Senior Research Engineer at DeepMind. Previously he was at Google, where he developed the first machine learning system to select the index for Image Search. During his academic career, he was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Biology at KU Leuven working with Tom Wenseleers in social evolution in microbes;
and a Research Associate at the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University working with David Haig in social evolution and imprinting.
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E-mail: eaduenez {at} gmail {dot} com