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I got a Masters in Computer Science and Industrial Mathematics from the Center for Mathematical Research (CIMAT).

I was the first student in 25 years to get the Masters Degree (usually a 2-year program) in only 1 year. The courses I took were of 2 different kinds.

First, courses taken by general examination. These consisted of a verbal or regular exam on the contents of the course, to get credit for the course, without actually having to attend class. Second, courses taken regularly. These were typical courses.

The main courses I took were Artificial Intelligence, Foundations of Evolutionary Algorithms and Technological Projects (from which the project Caliman arouse).

My thesis was in Evolutionary Algorithms, with the title Baldwin Effect as an optimization strategy under the supervision of Arturo Hernández Aguirre. And is mainly concerned with an effect (first observed by the naturalist Baldwin two centuries ago) that yields Lamarckian results with a purely Darwinian mechanism, and how can it be applied to Evolutionary Algorithms.

That is, how, if at all, life-time learning of individuals could help the evolution of a species, if no genetic information about the learned traits is inherited by the next generation.

About Me

Edgar Edgar A. Duéñez Guzmán is a Senior Research Engineer at DeepMind. Previously he was at Google, where he developed the first machine learning system to select the index for Image Search. During his academic career, he was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Biology at KU Leuven working with Tom Wenseleers in social evolution in microbes;
and a Research Associate at the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University working with David Haig in social evolution and imprinting.
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