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Welcome to my personal space.

My name is Edgar Alfredo Duéñez Guzmán. I used to be a scientist, and this page is kept mostly for archival purposes.

I most recently was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at KU Leuven working with Tom Wenseleers in social evolution in microbes. Previously I was a Research Associate at Harvard University, working with David Haig.

My research interests span several disciplines including biology, computer science and mathematics. I am particularly interested in using computational and mathematical techniques to study interesting evolutionary phenomena like social behaviors, imprinting and speciation. I have also worked on theoretical and applied aspects of computer science, like the No-Free-Lunch Theorems, swarm robotics, numerical integration techniques and computer vision.

To contact me, send an e-mail to

eaduenez {at} gmail {dot} com

About Me

Edgar Edgar A. Duéñez Guzmán is now a Software Engineer. Previously he was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Biology at KU Leuven working with Tom Wenseleers in social evolution in microbes;
and a Research Associate at the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University working with David Haig in social evolution and imprinting.
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Contact Info

E-mail: eaduenez {at} gmail {dot} com